These are extra tasks for the CCIE Foundation (Part 1) class, the documents require a password:



Password requiredExtra tasks for the Data link section Password requiredAnswers for the extra tasks for the Data link section
Password requiredExtra BGP Tasks Password requiredAnswers to the Extra BGP Tasks


Replacement for Tasks 1 and 2 from OSPF


















OSPF Network Types

OSPF Network Type Hello Interval Dead Interval DR Required RFC Based Neighbors Statement Required Default for which Interface Types
Point to Point 10 40 No Yes/No* No HDLC/PPP Circuits
Point to Multipoint 30 120 No Yes No  
Point to Multipoint Non-broadcast** 30 120 No No Yes  
Broadcast 10 40 Yes Yes/No*** No LAN
Non-Broadcast 30 120 Yes Yes Yes NBMA (Multipoint interface
* Yes on HDLC/PPP circuits, no on Frame-relay with P-to-P subinterfaces      
** Cisco only for SVC support            
*** RFC for LAN interfaces, Cisco only for Frame          

OSPF Area Types

Area Type LSA1 LSA2 LSA3 LSA4 LSA5 LSA7 ABR Internal Router
Backbone X X X X X      
Standard X X X X X      
Stub X X X X     Area 2 stub Area 2 stub
Total Stub X X *       Area 3 stub no-summary Area 3 stub
NSSA X X X X   X Area 4 NSSA Area 4 NSSA
Total NSSA X X * **   X Area 5 NSSA no-summary Area 5 NSSA
* Default looks like an LSA3            
** An LSA4 will l be generated for the ASBR in the NSSA